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While the Harvey Weinstein case and the MeToo movement took the West by storm last October, it barely caused a ripple in Japan — sex sells here, but frank talk about its dark side is less common. There is a common misconception that dating someone gives you a fast pass into the bedroom, when in reality, the vast majority of sexual assault victims know the perpetrator. Rape is about power.

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A man and a woman are alone in a room and the door is locked. She is a pre-Raphaelite Courtney Love, thin and fleshy with a babydoll face in a kinderwhore get-up, eyes rattling helter-skelter in her skull. He is treacherous as a melting glacier and twice as pretty in a haori thrown over a white waistcoat, mean-mugging her like a possessed Patrick Nagel poster.

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When Vicente Azpitrate, the co-author of the biography, recently visited Japan to finalize the new edition of the book about Luka, he was surprised by the cover photo. The publishers thus decided to use a picture of Luka with his hair pushed back to reveal his face on the cover instead. When Azpitrate asked the publishers why they chose to represent Luka in this way, and not of him playing football, in a duel or celebrating on the pitch, he received a rather interesting answer.

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D uring World War 2, some 50 million casualties worldwide were caused by the Nazi Germany, among which were six million Jews who died in Auschwitz and other concentration camps. For this, the West has been stigmatizing Swastika and Nazi salute as symbols of Nazi war crimes. Germans in particular maintain watchful eyes over public use of Swastika and other nationalistic tendencies as they worry reemergence of a militaristic or a totalitarian regime.

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These days, it seems like you cannot turn on the TV in Japan without seeing her. Her name is Mitsu Dan. She's currently Japan's biggest sex symbol, appearing in racy TV shows and even racier movies and photo spreads.

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However, in Japanese society, there are plenty of opportunities to let your hair down — they just tend to be very clearly delineated. So while you may get wildly drunk at the office nomikai drinking party and sing some ill-advised karaoke numbers with your boss, on Monday all will be forgiven and forgotten. After all, Japan is facing an unprecedented demographic challenge with its declining birth rate.

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In recent news, Netflix released the teaser trailer for a fan favorite, live action tv-show called Death Note. How so? But yet, as an Asian-American who has been desensitized to this common practice, a few questions still probed my mind: why does Hollywood whitewash both written roles and cinematic stories?

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Discussion in ' The Lounge ' started by ibjiyongchyDec 10, Japanese information is so limited everywhere and I can't read japanese!!! I know he's achieved a lot with his solo but in japanese perspective what's making our smiling angel so hot? Is he doing something that is specific and loved by Japanese people or is it because his insane vocals are out of this world?

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Okay kids, it's time to have the talk. If you're going to be dating, or maybe even gasp! Buy Rilakkuma Condoms.

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Both dashingly handsome and athletically built he played quarterback for the University of Chicago in collegeHayakawa was a bonafide sex symbol. He commanded the hearts of millions of American women as a figure of taboo lust at a time when interracial marriage was illegal. Hayakawa, who originally traveled to the U. After catching the eye of legendary film producer Thomas H.