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Parmesan cheese, olive tapenade, balsamic glaze, pesto aioli, dill crostini. Well trimmed, aged for extra flavour and tenderness, cooked to perfection with Keg seasoning. Start with a Caesar calmixed greens cal or iceberg wedge salad cal caland choose your favourite Keg steak or slice of prime rib.

Just be sure to make it to the pub between am and pm. Options include hot peppers, sweet peppers, pickled onions, horseradish, tabasco, and lots of other options! The food is very good and the service is attentive.

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We always sit at the bar and find it a wonderful experience talking with the bartender and trying new drinks, the food is pub food but very good and they have lots of pool tables if you like to go with a group of friends Went with my guy friends on a Thurs night where there is a singer which when mixed with everyone elses conversation made the it difficult to hear. Retractable skylight is really neat.

Toronto's premier live entertainment and event destination. The newly-renovated space features some of the world's most technologically advanced sound and lighting systems, unobstructed sightlines and fresh finishes-all combined to create an unrivaled concert experience. Everyone's favourite apartment is getting a new address. Montreal's favourite club is set to take over Toronto with the new rustic concept lounge.

Flights Hotels Cars Deals. Log In. A few of the resorts live up to the reputation of adventure sport hotels as they are more open to things for the active traveler to do.

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Last updated: March 22, at pm. Are you ready for some football? Round up your buddies, root for your team and choose from countless food and drink specials at these Las Vegas sports bars.

The Best Gay Bars in Toronto. The best gay bars in Toronto are about as fun as places get in this city. If you don't know what each of those letters means, make it a point to visit any of these gay bars on any given night and get schooled.

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Where the atmosphere pleases and the music never ceases! This seven-piece band began in the early stages of the Reservoir and are hit performers at Jazz festivals across Canada. DeeDee is young and talented; she delivers an authentic sound with intonations of funk and blues from the early 60s.

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By Zeke Quezada. Las Vegas is a sports town; naturally, you need to find a place to sit down to watch a few games. There is no shortage of options when it comes to food, drink, and televisions in Las Vegas but these spots each do a little something different and special so you should have them on your sports bar radar.

Creamy spinach, artichoke hearts and Italian cheeses, served with crispy tortilla chips and fresh cut salsa Cals. Serves 2. Warm goat cheese topped with red pepper relish. Served with toasted focaccia bread, fig jam and roasted garlic Cals.